Chicken Sausage & Broccoli Spaghetti

This recipe can be made for a group of people or just for yourself! I made it pretty quickly, and it was very easy to make a single serving. Not to mention, this recipe has only 4 ingredients! It includes your protein, fiber and carbs all in one bowl; the ideal concoction for dinner. Can … Continue reading Chicken Sausage & Broccoli Spaghetti

3-Ingredient Recipe: Spinach Chicken Veggie Bowl

I'm embarrassed to admit that I finally found time to make it to the grocery store. It's been 3 weeks! I'm not sure how often you usually go grocery shopping, but I go once a week. Usually. I try to buy fresh, unprocessed food which doesn't last as long as packaged foods. And I hate … Continue reading 3-Ingredient Recipe: Spinach Chicken Veggie Bowl