WOTW: Lift the Chest

I was at the gym yesterday, lifting weights before cardio, and someone came up to me to compliment me on my workout. They said that they don't usually see many women lifting weights at the the gym. And if they do, they're usually doing the lightest weight possible. I was complimented simply because I was … Continue reading WOTW: Lift the Chest

Chicken Sausage & Broccoli Spaghetti

This recipe can be made for a group of people or just for yourself! I made it pretty quickly, and it was very easy to make a single serving. Not to mention, this recipe has only 4 ingredients! It includes your protein, fiber and carbs all in one bowl; the ideal concoction for dinner. Can … Continue reading Chicken Sausage & Broccoli Spaghetti

WOTW: Bikini Body Kettlebell Workout

So the past couple of weeks, I've been working hard to get my bikini body ready...kind of last minute. I'm heading to Phoenix, AZ with my best friend from college. I recently accepted a new job, so this will be a nice little vacation before starting my new adventure. So, I'm heading out next week, … Continue reading WOTW: Bikini Body Kettlebell Workout

Recipe: Nuts & Berries Salad

After the whole 10-day plant-based diet challenge, I decided I should try to eat more salads. They're super easy to make for lunch with endless topping options, and not to mention, they're extremely nutritious. I hadn't gone grocery shopping in over two weeks since I didn't have to make my own food during the 10-day … Continue reading Recipe: Nuts & Berries Salad

10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge Results

So, last Friday the 10-day challenge came to an end. Not only was I sad because it was the end of getting free food, but I also enjoyed eating healthier and having more energy. I went through biometric testing, and it's hard for me to say whether or not this diet really effected my health. … Continue reading 10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge Results

10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge

When I'm not blogging, I do marketing for an IT company and a plant-based kitchen, Fred and Ricky's, which includes blogging, social media, email marketing, etc. Through my job, I get the awesome opportunity to be a part of a case study on the effects of plant-based eating over a 10-day period for Fred and … Continue reading 10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge

WOTW: In-A-Hurry Circuit

A lot of us live busy lives, but that's no excuse. Lately, I've had to find time in my hectic days to workout, but I've managed. Whether it's waking up early to workout, fitting in a quick workout during lunch or staying up a little bit later than usual, not having enough time to exercise … Continue reading WOTW: In-A-Hurry Circuit

WOTW: Bolder Shoulders

This week, my roommate and I have been preparing for the upcoming weekend. It's finally Mardi Gras weekend and we're so ready to party! Yes, even though I workout and like to eat healthy, I still party and have fun on the weekends. It's good to reward yourself after a long hard week of work. … Continue reading WOTW: Bolder Shoulders

Get Ready to Run a 5k

I'm in my fourth week of conditioning my body for long distance running. It's hit me that you actually have to do something consistently for it to be effective and for it to stick. A couple years ago, I was really into running and I would run at least a 5k everyday. I didn't realize … Continue reading Get Ready to Run a 5k

3-Ingredient Recipe: Spinach Chicken Veggie Bowl

I'm embarrassed to admit that I finally found time to make it to the grocery store. It's been 3 weeks! I'm not sure how often you usually go grocery shopping, but I go once a week. Usually. I try to buy fresh, unprocessed food which doesn't last as long as packaged foods. And I hate … Continue reading 3-Ingredient Recipe: Spinach Chicken Veggie Bowl