About Me

Welcome to Lifting Forks!

Iā€™m Emily, and I started this blog to share my passion of health and fitness. It’s been a long time coming! Since high school, I have grown an increasing interest in cooking, working out, and living a healthy lifestyle. Growing up as an athlete, I’ve always been active and my competitive drive has pushed me to want to better myself everyday.

That being said, I’m still human and I am in my twenties. I enjoy every aspect of life, including socializing and spending time out on the town with friends. No, I am not a personal trainer, a professional athlete or a fitness model. I’m just a girl who appreciates the value of taking care of her body and mind.

As a Journalism major from the University of Missouri, I have a passion for writing and sharing my story. Ā I’m also a former collegiate athlete, and I have always been interested in nutrition and fitness, and constantly looking up new recipes, workouts and new research.Starting my own blog has always been something I wanted to do, and now that I have the confidence in my writing, I said to myself, “Hell, why not?”

I don’t like to label myself as one thing because I take on many roles. Multi-tasking is definitely a hobby of mine. I take on the role of a Marketing Associate, Blogger, Freelance Writer and Volleyball Coach by day. By night, I’m a twenty-something-year-old who just wants to have fun!

Iā€™d love to share my journey of learning and living to help you become a healthier you with recipes, workouts and more! Please subscribe by email or follow my blog, and send me any questions or comments you may have here.