10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge Results

plantbased challenge results

So, last Friday the 10-day challenge came to an end. Not only was I sad because it was the end of getting free food, but I also enjoyed eating healthier and having more energy. I went through biometric testing, and it’s hard for me to say whether or not this diet really effected my health. I am someone who already works out regularly and is conscious about what I put into my body (most of the time). However, there are a couple numbers worth noting.

The numbers that didn’t change much are my weight and cholesterol. As most of you know by now, I run on a regular basis. Running and other cardio exercises are great for your heart and increase your HDL, the happy cholesterol that takes excess cholesterol and fat from your bloodstream to your liver for elimination. My HDL remained at 7100 throughout the entire study. My weight usually fluctuates 3 pounds, more or less, and there wasn’t a significant change.

When you’re eating a plant-based diet, I quickly realized that it’s pretty easy to load up on carbs. If you workout a lot, this is okay because your body needs the energy. However, if you’re not working out and you don’t live a very active lifestyle, this could cause you to gain weight if you’re not eating a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. Throughout these 10 days, I tried to balance out my carbs. For instance, if I have steel-cut oats or pancakes for breakfast, I’d have a salad and veggies and black bean hummus for lunch.Β social9-24

Once my biometric testing was complete, I saw a noticeable change in my Glucose and Triglyceride levels. They decreased by nearly half! At the beginning of the study, my Glucose was at 93, and my Triglyceride level was at 100. Glucose measures the sugar in your bloodstream and Triglycerides are the fatty acid and glycerol circulating in your blood and stored in body fat. At the end of the study, my Glucose was at 68 and Triglyceride level was at 59! These results point to a plant-based diet preventing and/or reversing Type 2 Diabetes.

I really enjoyed this study, as I was able to try out a new diet and measure the results based on more than just my weight. As an athlete and health conscientious person, I don’t think I have much weight to lose. However, a lot of us forget about the other health factors that the food we eat has an impact on, such as cholesterol and blood sugar.


As delicious as the food at Fred and Ricky’s is (they even have gluten-free cookies), I decided to be more of a Flexitarian, eating primarily fruits and vegetables with the occasional fish or chicken. I did really enjoy this study, and I am happy I was able to be a part of it.

If you’re interested in trying more plant-based options that taste delicious too, you should try out Fred and Ricky’s in Creve Coeur or Westport. You won’t be disappointed. πŸ™‚

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