10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge

10-Day Plant-Based Diet Challenge.png

When I’m not blogging, I do marketing for an IT company and a plant-based kitchen, Fred and Ricky’s, which includes blogging, social media, email marketing, etc. Through my job, I get the awesome opportunity to be a part of a case study on the effects of plant-based eating over a 10-day period for Fred and Ricky’s. What better way to report my results than to blog about it?

A whole-food, plant-based diet includes healthy plants without artificial ingredients or preservatives. It’s not just avoiding meat and dairy. It’s extremely important to get a balance of fruits, veggies, whole grains,tubers and legumes in order to have a healthy diet. I’m not usually 100% vegan, but I do try to eat as much plants as I can, as well as free-range eggs and healthy meats. But this study gives me an opportunity to try a new diet with convenience and ease. Since I write about it everyday as my job, I figured I should try to practice what I preach.

The study involves 10 days of free plant-based food from Fred and Ricky’s and before-and-after biometric testing. It started this Tuesday, so I’m 4 days in and I feel great! It’s easier to avoid temptations of cheese, eggs and meat when I’m given delicious (and did I mention, free?) food throughout the study. And there’s actually a wide variety of vegan options so my taste buds don’t get bored. Some of my favorites so far are the Black Bean Burger, Black Bean Hummus, and Tofu Power Scramble.

10day study.png

So, what can I expect to happen to my body throughout this study?

When you transition to a plant-based diet, your body can go through some changes. Many people increase the amount of plants in their diet to lose weight, to help reverse or prevent heart disease and diabetes, or just to feel better. There are benefits that occur quickly after starting a plant-based diet. Many of these benefits are long-term if a whole-food diet with a large amount of plants is sustained. Some of these benefits include better digestion, more energy, less inflammation, better sleep, clearer skin, and lower blood cholesterol levels. I have actually already experienced more energy and better sleep!

When you eat a diet that is mainly plant-based, you take in a lot more fiber, whole or complex carbs, and essential nutrients. Overall, this not only improves your physical health, but it also boosts your mentality.

If you’re interested in eating more whole, plant-based foods, check out Fred and Ricky’s! They make it super convenient to pick up dinner on the way home or stock up for the week. All of their food is plant-based, made in small batches, and delicious!

Stay tuned for the results of my study! I’ll be sharing them next Friday, including before and after photos.

Questions? Leave a comment or send an email!

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