WOTW: In-A-Hurry Circuit

in-a-hurry circuit.jpg

A lot of us live busy lives, but that’s no excuse. Lately, I’ve had to find time in my hectic days to workout, but I’ve managed. Whether it’s waking up early to workout, fitting in a quick workout during lunch or staying up a little bit later than usual, not having enough time to exercise is a lame excuse. Hate to break it to you, but if you want to see change, you need to make time.

It’s easier to say than do, especially if you’re exhausted. However, it’s definitely doable to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in daily. When I’m in a rush and have limited time in a day to get to the gym, I usually try to get in a run, do some yoga, or do a quick circuit. No matter the workout, at least you’re getting up and moving.

This past weekend, I had friends in town and little time to myself to get to the gym. So, I decided that if I really wanted to get a sweat in, I’d have to wake up early and do a quick circuit. Circuits are awesome because they get your heart rate up and strengthen your muscle endurance. It’s important to implement circuits within your strength training because while they increase your work capacity and muscle endurance, they do not improve your strength or speed. But, I like to throw them in every once in a while to break a sweat when I’m running low on time.

Depending on your current activity level, this workout can include anywhere between 3 to 5 rounds. If you currently workout on a regular basis, go ahead and try 5 rounds. If you’re new to circuits, start with 3 and repeat this workout in a couple days or a week to see if you can do more rounds. Time yourself and try to complete this workout under 30 minutes. Don’t forget to stretch after!

What you’ll need: light/medium dumbbells (5-15 lb.), jump rope, mat

In-A-Hurry Circuit (3-5 Rounds)

Squat + Back Lunge x 15

Sumo Squats x 12

Burpees x 10

Plank + Row x 10 each arm

Woodchop x 15 each side

Lying Tricep + Leg Extensions x 15

Jumping Rope x 30 seconds

Questions? Leave a comment orΒ send an email!

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