Get Ready to Run a 5k


I’m in my fourth week of conditioning my body for long distance running. It’s hit me that you actually have to do something consistently for it to be effective and for it to stick. A couple years ago, I was really into running and I would run at least a 5k everyday. I didn’t realize how much endurance I had at the time, but looking back I realize how fit I actually was. It’s taking me a while to get back into it, but I have to admit that getting a good sweat in after a long run to some good music feels amazing!

I definitely don’t consider myself unfit now, but it’s a different type of fit. I lift almost everyday and I cut back running to only 10-12 minutes to warm-up my muscles. So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to get back in to cardio. This time, I’ll build my endurance but maintain my lifting schedule. This way, I’ll get the best of both worlds; endurance and strength. My goal is to get to running a 5k easily again.

So, if one of your personal goals is to improve your endurance, you may be interested in my 8-week plan. There are a lot of 5k runs in the spring and summer, so you can use this as a tool to prepare. Go online and search for one near you. It’s a great way to start off the warmer season, and you’ll feel great about yourself and your body.

Ready. Set. Run!


Questions? Leave a comment or send an email!

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