WOTW: Fight the Fat – Kickboxing Cardio


Sometimes when I’m stressed out, I just need a good cardio workout. Going back to work after the holidays can be so stressful. A week off work was awesome! But when I got back, I had an extremely long To-Do list and needed to catch up. The volleyball team I coach also had their first tournament this past weekend, so we were preparing for that. And this is only the beginning!

No complaints here. I love being busy. But I need a stress reliever here and there, or I might go crazy. My favorite stress reliever is an awesome sweaty workout. But the treadmill doesn’t always do the trick. When simply running or doing a cardio machine doesn’t do it for me, I turn to fun cardio workouts that involve a variety of exercises or an intense game of volleyball.

This week, I tried a new workout. I’ve only done kickboxing a couple of times, but every time I leave the gym satisfied and stress free. I mean, what’s a better stress reliever than punching and kicking?

So let go of your worry and stress, and try this 40 minute intense kickboxing cardio workout. You’ll leave the gym feeling completely rejuvenated.

Fight the Fat (2 rounds)

Warm-up: Jump Rope 2 min. 

Bob & Weave – 1 min.

Jab* + Cross + Duck + 20 straight punches* – 1.5 min. (switch stance & repeat)

Burpee + 3 push-ups – 2 min. 

Knee + Knee + Jab + Cross – 1.5 min. (switch stance & repeat)

Jump Squats – 1 min.

Hook + Upper Cut + Upper Cut + Hook – 1.5 min. (switch stance & repeat)

Jump Rope – 2 min. 

High Kick + High Kick + Upper Cut + Upper Cut + Knee – 1.5 min. (switch stance & repeat)

*Jabs are powerful punches, while punches are for speed

Questions? Leave a comment or send an email!


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