WOTW: Sugar Blaster


I’m usually pretty good about watching what I put in my body and limiting the amount of sugar-y processed foods I eat. BUT, and it’s a big but, I love food around the holidays! I’ll admit that I sometimes give in to my cravings. When there’s constantly new treats in the office and at home, and holiday parties with alcohol, hot cocoa and pie, I give into the holiday cheer and indulge.

It’s okay to indulge on special occasions, even if that special occasion is an entire month…

Alright. Now that my confession of sugar indulgence is over, I’ll tell you how I reclaim my healthy habits (aka Diet Damage Control). Before I realized the importance of nutrients and their effect on my body, I would avoid food all together the day after a holiday or a day I over-indulged. However, eating foods with other nutrients could help ward off the undesirable sugar crash. Foods high in protein and fats, like peanut butter or nuts, will help slow digestion. Fiber also helps slow the absorption of simple sugars.

Next, get some exercise in! After eating too much sugar, avoid taking a nap. I know it’s what we all want to do after we over-indulge, but getting in some exercise will help your muscles use the blood sugar instead of storing it. If you can’t get to a gym or your at a family holiday party, just go on a 15-minute walk. However, your body will utilize that increase in sugar if your workout is intense.

I put together the following workout after Thanksgiving. I was feeling bloated and full, and I was crashing from all the pie I ate. Early the next morning I knew the only way I was going to feel better was to sweat it out.

That lead me to creating this week’s WOTW! If you’re wanting an intense full-body workout and a good sweat, head to the gym and give this workout a try.

What you’ll need: jump rope, kettle bell, dumbbells

Sugar Blaster (5 rounds)

Burpees x 15

Push Ups + Row (with dumbbells) x 10

Kettle Bell Swings x 20

Deadlift Highpull x 15

Jump Rope x 1 minute

Knee-in Pike x 10

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